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ensuring access to high quality, medical, paramedical and first aid education, globally

I teach Prehospital Care, Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Austere Medicine, Disaster Management, Social Sciences, and bushcraft.

I provide thinktank, consulting and implementation services for any well funded problem with a budget over USD $10k.

I consult in emergency and disaster preparedness, travel & austere medicine, medical facilities and vehicle design, corporate and technology strategy, emerging technologies, innovation, product creation and general engineering.

Over the last two-and-a-half decades, I've worked with organisations including global MNCs, telcos, FSI giants, Defence Organisations (both government and private), Government Departments, Community and Volunteer Groups and Startups across Oceania, Asia, Europe and America.

I am available for ad hoc, short term and results defined engagements.

On occasion and in areas of personal interest, I may agree to take on smaller or pro bono works.

Strengths and skills: Strategy development and implementation, business modelling, leadership, general management, new business development, go-to-market strategy, social media, social recruiting, partnerships, channels, alliances, product management, solutions architecture, cloud infrastructure, consulting.


What I Do

Keynote speeches, panel discussions and facilitation, workshops, seminars, training sessions, and conference presentations.


Personalized coaching sessions designed to enhance leadership skills, improve decision-making, and achieve professional goals.


Strategic research and analysis services to generate innovative ideas and solutions for complex challenges.


Tailored programs focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance practices to drive sustainability and responsible business conduct.


Sustainable travel experiences that promote conservation, support local communities, and provide educational opportunities.

Consulting &

Austere medicine, corporate and technology strategy, innovation, product creation, general engineering, and other areas.

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What customers say

Speaking Engagements


I'm available for Keynote speeches, panel discussions and facilitation, workshops, seminars, training sessions, and conference presentations. Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics and presentations. If you'd like to hear me speak about something else, please contact me to discuss.

Topic Areas
  • Wilderness & Austere Medicine
  • Capability Building in Prehospital Care
  • Disaster Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Organizational Maturity
Example Keynote Topics
  • Mind Matters: Emotional, Psychological, and Mental Health First Aid
  • Work Life Imbalance: Half a century in review
  • Beyond First Aid: The case for layresponder training in prehospital care and austere medicine
  • Beyond the Binary: Working with SOGIESC diverse patients in the prehospital and austere context
  • Leadership in Extreme Environments: Lessons from Austere Medicine, Technical Rescue, and Disaster Management
  • Leadership Resilience: Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence
  • Innovation in Austere Medicine: Pioneering Solutions for Critical Challenges
  • Crisis Communication: Navigating Public Perception and Media Relations
  • Inclusive Leadership: Fostering SOGIESC Diversity in Organizations
  • Empowering Diversity: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All


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    Damien Santer
    Medic/Medic Educator, Speaker, Consultant & Mentor
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    DM Santer